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Good Old War’s Tim Arnold Recounts For Matador ” What It Feels Like To Play Conan”

Good Old War drummer and singer Tim Arnold recounts what it’s like to play for the “towering ginger man who cracks jokes.”

I’M IN LA and I am laying in bed, at the crack of dawn. Yesterday I was in Boise. How does this happen to me?

Really feeling strange on a Z-pack as a result of bronchitis. I take a shower and attempt to squeak out some notes. It goes OK but mostly what I’m thinking about is why we have to go to the Warner Brothers lot so early. I just want more sleep. It’s not gonna happen. Shut up Tim, just shut up.

This is our first TV appearance and I’ll be damned if I fuck it up. We arrive, say hello to the crew, run around in circles setting up our gear, change a drumhead, ask the LD for gaff tape, apply it to my snare drum to get that nice warm thud I like. The bass drum is a rental and the heads are not tuned so I ask our sound engineer / producer / friend Jason Cupp to tune it up and he does with a quickness and skill that I expected.

Everyone is setting up and there is excitement in the air but it is wafted away by a sense of urgency or business. Get it done. As a fan of the show I keep looking around to maybe catch a glimpse of the towering ginger man who cracks jokes. He is nowhere to be found.

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American Songwriter: Chatting It Up With Good Old War

Dan Schwartz can sing higher than you. He’s been schooled by Jerry Douglas, he wears a size 8 shoe, and he spends most of his ‘alone’ time in a van on the road with Keith Goodwin (who can dance better than you) and Tim Arnold (who can hambone better than you). When he’s not spending his down time with two other dudes, he’s playing two guitars at once for Good Old War.

In order for us to have the best conversation ever, Schwartz has begged that we go somewhere with some of Nashville’s best treats — barbeque and bushwhackers. So, over an alcoholic milkshake, Schwartz and I chatted it up on the porch of Edley’s, where befuddled onlookers cast glances at our witty conversation and tried to figure out how the rock star in the Ray-Bans managed to get a date with such a beautiful blonde.

This Philadelphia native knows a good restaurant, and a good town, when he visits one—as he should, considering Good Old War has spent the last months (and years) all over the country with Anthony Green, Dr. Dog, Xavier Rudd, Guster, and pretty much anyone else you can think of. By the time you forget to read this, they’ll be somewhere deep in America with Counting Crows. For now though, he’s sitting with me, claiming to be allergic to the Tennessee air.

Schwartz is the quintessential American songwriter. He’s been writing songs since he was about ten, going through a brief Bon Jovi phase and somehow ending up with quite a knack for writing folk-pop gems. After some of his first songs at a young age, he continued writing songs year after year, joining up with former Days Away members, Tim Arnold and Keith Goodwin, to form a group named after pieces of their last names. Schwartz and I obligatorily talk songwriting first, sweating and laughing through most of the discussion of the group’s writing process.

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WXPN Live Audio Stream of Good Old War at NonComm

Check out the live audio stream of the full Good Old War performance from the NonComm music event in Philadelphia courtesy of WXPN Radio - Yes, there is even a cover of “Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)” Timmy loves that song! You can also check out more photos of the performances here.

And we hope you will join us on the road all Summer and Fall with both Counting Crows then with Dispatch.  ALL DATES HERE

WERS Review & Live Video: Good Old War at NonComm

One of the largest crowds of the NonCom convention packed in to catch a set from Philadelphia’s native sons, Good Old War. With their name derived from the band member’s own names – Keith Goodwin, Tim Arnold, and Daniel Schwartz – the band formed in 2008 but has already released three records. They were one of the most buzzed about acts at NonCommvention and the general consensus seems to be that they’re going to become a much bigger blip on music’s radar screen in the near future. Last night, the boys of Good Old War treated the crowd to a few tracks from their latest album Come Back As Rain as well as a few of their “better” known tunes and even a cover of “Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)”.


In case you couldn’t tell by now, Good Old War is not burdened by self-consciousness. Playful and engaging throughout their set, the three members interacted with the crowd, goof-ily danced around, and generally were just very entertaining. Oh, and they played some great music, too. Earlier in the day, among the chatter on the convention floor was that “you simply have to see Good Old War Live to really appreciate them” and that their vocal harmonies were “on the level of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.” Clearly, that kind of high praise was setting quite the bar for a band that still hasn’t shaken the label “up-and-coming”. Even considering that, they did not disappoint. The harmonies that formed the core of their folk-pop truly were something to behold in a live setting.

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Good Old War join Counting Crows this Summer on The Outlaw Roadshow Tour

Good Old War
are honored to have been handpicked to play direct support to Counting Crows  this Summer on the first leg of The Outlaw Roadshow Tour along with Foreign Friends & Filligar opening. So, get ready people, it’s going to be on heck of a good show every night! 


Jun 09 -
Asbury Park, NJ @ Stone Pony Summer Stage
Jun 12 - Danbury, CT @ Ives Concert Park
Jun 13 - Utica, NY @ Saranac Brewery
Jun 15 - Toronto, Canada @ Echo Beach/Molson Amphitheater
Jun 16 - Sylvania, OH @ Centennial Terrace
Jun 18 - Cleveland, OH @ Cain Park
Jun 20 - Vienna, VA @ Filene Center At Wolf Trap
Jun 22 - Rochester Hills, MI @ Meadow Brook
Jun 23 - Columbus, OH @ LC Pavillion
Jun 25 - Louisville, KY @ Iroquois Amphitheater
Jun 26 - Simpsonville, SC @  Charter Amphitheater Heritage Park
Jun 28 - Tuscaloosa, AL @ Tuscaloosa Amphitheater
Jun 29 - Southaven, MS @ Snowden Grove Park & Amphitheater
Jul 01 - Indianapolis, IN @ The Lawn at White River State Park

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Good Old War Announce Tour with Dispatch in October 2012

Good Old War
have just announced they will be joining Dispatch on their October shows. Good Old War is currently on their own US Headlining Tour, and will also be playing this year’s Bunbury Music Festival in July.  - SEE ALL DATES HERE

Jul 15, 2012 - Cincinnati, OH (US) - Bunbury Music Festival @ Sawyer Point at Yeatman’s Cove  w/ Death Cab For Cutie & Guided By Voices & And Many More

Sep 29, 2012 - Broomfield, CO (US) @ 1STBANK Center
Oct 01, 2012 - Minneapolis, MN (US) @ Orpheum Theatre
Oct 02, 2012 - Chicago, IL (US) @ Aragon Ballroom
Oct 03, 2012 - Chicago, IL (US) @ Aragon Ballroom
Oct 05, 2012 - New York, NY (US) @ Radio City Music Hall *
Oct 06, 2012 - Boston, MA (US) @ Agganis Arena *
Oct 08, 2012 - Toronto, ON (CA) @ Sound Academy
Oct 09, 2012 - Upper Darby, PA (US) @ Tower Theatre *
Oct 11, 2012 - Washington D.C., DC (US) @ Constitution Hall *
Oct 12, 2012 - Atlanta, GA (US) @ The Fox Theatre

* also appearing on show: The Parkington Sisters


Good Old War’s New Album Come Back As Rain Is the Amazon Daily Deal TODAY

Good Old War’s
Come Back As Rain" is featured as AmazonMP3’s “Daily Deal” today only for just $4.99 so if you don’t have it yet, now is a great time to grab it or turn your friends on to it so they can come dance and sing with you at a show!

Link -

Huff Post Exclusive Premiere of “Lost At Sea” (Bonus Track)

Good Old War's new album Come Back As Rain features a HuffPost exclusive, “Lost At Sea,” that’s presented below, on its deluxe edition. The band has also just announced a series of dates with Dispatch.

Here are some thoughts by the group’s vocalist and guitarist, Dan Schwartz: “‘Lost At Sea’ was written on the ukulele actually. I found that the riff sounded almost like a pizzicato violin and so I recorded that and then added two counterpoint parts, one on the guitar and one on a 12 string guitar. It sounded like so much was going on and it was so orchestral and big with so few instruments. We took that counterpoint idea even further in the studio when Tim added a kalimba (thumb piano) which became the first thing you hear in the song. Tim then added some beautiful percussion that builds as the song goes on. Keith laid down a bass line on the piano and that wrapped everything up so nicely. The song itself was actually a birthday gift to someone, but many lyrics changed when it became a Good Old War song. It became more like little vignettes of a relationship.”

WERS 88.9 Reviews: Good Old War Live In Boston / April 24th 2012

Some musicians are rock stars and let the lights separate them from the crowd. A number are inverted cabin dwellers, too timid to engage with the crowd. Others are worried about their future and plan every sentence they will say onstage. But folk band Good Old War is none of these; they’re a family with open invitations. The Philadelphia trio formed in 2008 and have released three albums full of feel-good tracks. Fans are never disappointed by Good Old War’s live shows since they offer their optimism and love for the crowd to enjoy. The best part is that what winds up happening is a complete reciprocation: everyone gets adoration.

“What’s up, party people,” asked singer and keyboardist Goodwin. “We’re about to rock out,” he said as they launched into “Window,” “Just Another Day,” and “Better Weather”. The crowd sang along to each song, never shouting but still making sure to voice the words loud enough so they rang like back-up vocals. It was as if Arnold’s bass drum turned each song into a dance folk tune and Goodwin’s hunched-over dancing encouraged everyone to feel at home.

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Blare Magazine: The Good Old War Acoustics

As much as they’re known for their recordings, GOOD OLD WAR’s intimate performances are difficult to forget. Whether it’s inside of a church, out in a small studio or at an average-sized venue that’s cozy and personal, they’re songs are hard to brush off due to the experiences they create. Before their recent set last week at The Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto, we met up with the Philadelphia trio to document an acoustic session where they performed numbers from Come Back As Rain such as “Not Quite Happiness” and “Better Weather”.

Come Back As Rain is available now via Sargent House // iTunes | Insound

Blare Magazine: The Good Old War Interview

One of the most powerful features of music is being able to relate to an artist’s work and feel connected to the musician themselves. With honesty being their most dominant attribute, indie folk group GOOD OLD WAR have penned songs that have been so brutally sincere, it’s been difficult for fans and new listeners to shake off the acoustic bliss embedded in the trio’s first two releases and past projects. While camped out in Omaha, Nebraska, during the middle of their current tour, we caught up with vocalist Keith Goodwin via phone to discuss the band’s third album, what it’s like to be a part of the Sargent House family and their unique approach to songwriting.

There’s a short documentary online of you guys in the studio recording Come Back As Rain and, in it, Dan says a great deal of the songs were recorded live.
Did your surroundings influence what you were recording?

Yeah, when you’re in a good place with good vibes and no distractions I feel like you get good takes. The studio has great equipment, so the sound of the record I think is better than anything we’ve done so far. There are only two tracks that we did fully live. For the rest of them we did all the music live and then the vocals after that. But it was still cool. The way the room was set up, everybody could see each other and we could communicate while we were playing and that was cool. “Loud Love” was one of the songs recorded all live, and the other was a bonus track. There has been about three different names for this song so far, but I think it’s called “Take it Slow” now.

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Good Old War “Calling Me Names” Glassroom Session

Good Old War perform “Calling Me Names” from their new album Come Back As Rain in the Sargent House glassroom. Thanks to Behn Fannin for shooting and directing the session for us.

Good Old War // Daytrotter Sessions

"One of the ingenious things about having three-part harmonies and significant vocal contributions from all three members of a group can lead you perfectly astray when trying - or attempting - to get at the crux of a lyrical idea. Good Old War's Keith Goodwin might, technically, be considered the band's lead singer, but the way that the songs here on the band's first session with us play out, we can't be sure if we're just hearing about a specific girl or we're hearing about a whole cluster of them. We don't necessarily hope that there are numerous ladies being described here because we're not sure that they're all that great (or, more specifically, we're not sure that they're painted in the most flattering of lights), but it would take the air out of what could be a real mountain of tension, allowing it to be distributed evenly over everyone in the group. It could just be an interesting group dynamic that they're all involved with women who give them nothing but horribly mixed signals. They're great one day and then they're driving them to the loony bin the next day, only to circle back around and find a way or ways to win them back over on the third day, reinstating the cycle.

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Good Old War Perform “Better Weather” on Conan

The boys from Good Old War perform “Better Weather” from their new album Come Back as Rain out now on Sargent House. Don’t miss them live they are on tour now! All dates HERE


LAST FM PRESENTS: The Good Old War Interview & Sessions

Good Old War was started by former Days Away members Keith Goodwin and Tim Arnold along with former Unlikely Cowboy member Dan Schwartz. They spent time as the studio & touring band for Anthony Green (Circa Survive) and the logical next step was to get serious as a three-piece. They already knew the musical direction would be acoustic driven with the vocals being a major part of the sound. The three-part harmonies would fall into place as a “happy accident”. The third Good Old War album Come Back As Rain was produced and engineered by Jason Cupp. It was recorded in Omaha, NE at Another Recording Company Studios. In the five weeks Good Old War spent there, 30 songs were recorded and eleven made it onto the album. Watch the guys in performance at our studio in NYC as they do three songs from the new record as well as a fan favorite from the debut album Only Way To Be Alone of 2008.

“Amazing Eyes” - A song that goes back 3 years that Keith could never finish. He loved the chorus part, but couldn’t put it all together. Upon meeting and working with Matt Hales (aka Aqualung), he helped him finally finish the song in about 2 hours.

“Calling Me Names” - One of the last songs recorded for the album. While cruising in the car, Tim and Keith would eventually work this one out. Tim couldn’t get the chorus out of his head. They took that hook, added the groove and the beat, as if they were making a hip-hop song, and would go back to the studio in Omaha and knock this one out.

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