Good Old War

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Good Old War Talks Leaving Philadelphia and Finding Home On the Road

Despite their tongue-in-cheek moniker, there’s nothing truly controversial about 
Good Old War.

It would be tough to argue the negative sides of singable indie folk, after all. The Philadelphia-based trio makes pretty music. It’s accessible. They’re not looking to be the next hipster fad, but to have approachable melodies that make their audience feel genuine, unclouded emotion - something that isn’t accidental, according to guitarist Dan Schwartz.

"In an interview the other day, they caught me using the word ‘sing-along-able," Schwartz says, adding that that’s part of the goal with their songwriting.

And when they see their fans mouthing back the words they wrote, even from their two-week-old release, Come Back as Rain, it makes writing heart wrenchingly sincere lyrics matter. After all, when your fans take your words to heart, you should mean them.

"We weren’t trying to do it, but we wrote about being away a lot," Schwartz says. "We tour so much, and we love it, but there’s definitely a part that longs for home."

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